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Are you addicted to Anime? I guess that makes you an Anime Whore, just like me! Everyone is welcome to join. Please remember to be nice!

Also, here are some things to remember:
1. Please check the community after you post. If you have accidentally double posted, please click the comment link, find the lj pencil button at the top of the page and delete the items of the extra post.
2. Invite your friends, the more the merrier!
3. Feel free to post pictures, but if the pictures are bigger than 200x200 and there is more than one, please use the lj cut tag.
4. Remeber to be respectful to every member. Just because your opinion might differ from another, do NOT criticize or negatively comment on someone's post. You can disagree, but in a polite way. "I think you're wrong because..." "I don't agree with you because..." It will keep the peace.
5. If you post your artwork, stories, web pages - please remember that we, animewhore, are notr responsible for stolen or reused pictures, text or thoughts.

Have questions? Comment to Ashi's journal. She'll answer ASAP. Arigatou! ^-^;

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